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Get the homogeneous mixing by availing our range of the asphalt batch mix plant/ asphalt batch mixing plant/ batch type asphalt mix plant at the best prices.

We are India’s one of the top manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of the asphalt batch mix plant that are exclusively designed to fulfill the variegated requirements of the road and construction industries. The Indian road sector is considered to be the second largest in the world, and we are the preferred choice for them for delivering the unrivalled quality asphalt batch mix plant at the rock bottom prices that no other can deliver. We are competent to provide the widespread range of this asphalt batch mix plant in the various specifications and match the pace of the today’s ever evolving industries, thanks to our state of the art capabilities and our technological adroitness of the workforce and incorporation of both is what promoting us to thoroughly understand the market need and accordingly outline a design of the batch mix plant that delivers unmatched production results at low cost.


asphalt batch mix plant India

Advantages of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant:

  • Conforms ISO 9001:2000 standards
  • Available as per M.O.R.T.H (Ministry of Road Transport & Highway) specifications
  • Use of the tested quality material ensures robust performance
  • All the components are tested and certified to meet quality standards
  • Integration of PLC system with all components enables easy handling
  • The large and clear screen of the PLC enables easy reading of parameters
  • Well defined configuration and construction ensure impeccable performance
  • Advanced technology slashes the power usage and cost of operation

The first phase of our asphalt batch mix plant manufacturing is closely working with the consumer to understand their requirements and quote the important one. Heeding on the quoted requirements, a design is outlined by means of the CAD software with the painstaking accuracy towards the statements which forms in the machine followed by the approval from the end user. The manufacturing of this asphalt batch mix plant occurs at ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing facility, headquartered at Ahemdabad, Gujarat, India, beneath the rigorous inspection of the quality checkers team. The quality controlled processes, adherence to the tested quality raw material, pinpoint accuracy on every single part of the machine and use of the technological knowhow enables us to procure a fantastic range of the asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer that is excellent in all terms, have advantages such as safety, dimensional stability, robust construction, impeccable performance, high tensile strength, environmentally friendly, low power consumption, longer service life and but obvious incredible configuration, available in the extensive range of the capacities ranging from 1000 to 2000 ton per hour.

Customized Asphalt Batch Mix Plant:

We are in the business for many years and for that reason we are getting better and better in understanding the end user and providing an asphalt batch mix plant that meets their requirements thoroughly, which the today’s market call customized solution. The customer is our first priority from the day of commencing and hence we emphasis to provide customer with a best in class solutions that runs for years and that we want customers to remember us through the distinction that our product and service make. We point out the requirements of the end user ahead of the customization and make serious attempts to convey in the customized range of the end product. No matter, what is your problem or requirement, we as a manufacturer of the asphalt batch mix plant are here to deliver everything what you need to associate with the asphalt batch mix plant.


asphalt batch mix plant India

Components In Asphalt Batch Mix Plant:

Cold aggregate framework is the piece of asphalt mixing plant, to store the distinction size of the materials, as per the machine ability to taking care of material by the control system, as a rule have four bins. The bins are all-welded and measured in development, Steep canister dividers and the valley points permit free progression of totals from the feeders limiting hold up of materials in the corners and spanning with tacky totals, customizable skirts are given to forestall spillage between container base and belt surface. There will be frightened when the total is under filled. The virus total framework has recurrence control with programmed change in simultaneous extent. Receptacles make them calm base opening, which kills connecting of the feeders. Each bin is given variable speed inverter pass through outfitted motor.

  • Vibrator framework with high stacking width
  • Social event transport included
  • Synchronized drive under one feeder
  • Demonstrated execution under unforgiving conditions.
  • Recurrence Controlled delicate dosing.
  • Vibrator for simple progression of fine material.

Is intended for longer life. Demonstrated flight configuration guarantees an ideal dispersion of material to be dried. The drying and warming system is the main piece of the drum asphalt mix plant. Asphalt Plant are Designed for their effectiveness and low maintenance. The dryer drum is utilized to dry the cold aggregate. The protecting layer of dryer drum can lessen the warmth misfortune and energy utilization, which improves warming effectiveness. Dryer drum upholds including four uncompromising trunion rollers and two push rollers on an unbending edge and furnished with two trunion rings. Replaceable inward lifting flights are intended to guarantee ideal warmth move for drying of totals and reasonable limit separate assistance fuel tank is accommodated dryer burner.

  • Particularly Designed of drying flight.
  • Most elevated warmth move by radiation of flights.
  • Simple upkeep of container systems.
  • Solidifying gives long existence of ring and pulley materials .
  • Perfect plan of container to give homogenous warmth move to all totals.

Bitumen Storage Tanks are protected with rock-fleece, accessible in even sort and warmed by warm oil with programmed temperature change. The roundabout warming tanks are supplied with a Japanese plan thermic oil radiator. The direct heating tanks are provided with programmed imported weight fly burner. As a standard every one of our tanks are provided with auto thermostatic controls and level and check markers. Bitumen jacketed funneling with measure valves and fittings for manual tank determination and single bitumen conveyance pipeline are given.

  • Bitumen taking care of system with pneumatic 3 way.
  • Warm oil curl framework valve.
  • It very well may be associated each other by 3 way valves.
  • Warmth control by means of by thermostatic valves
  • Level pointers
  • Jacketed bitumen pump

Our widespread burners work with one or the other diesel or substantial oil. Unique warmed flexible cam is given to direct the fire length. An entryway with control screw empowers the fire to be amplified or decreased. Distantly worked from control station, high weight fuel oil siphon along with fire checking framework, with an electric igniters, interconnections, controls, wellbeing gadgets and interlocks are given fuel line channeling with important control valves, channels, underlying base, underpins and complete inside wiring and associations into the control lodge are given. Totally programmed measure control with system interlocks ensure high security standards.

  • Filtration System.
  • Low support.
  • Exact air control however water powered chamber
  • All sort of liquids, petroleum gas and LPG can be utilized.
  • Safe activity
  • Rail system gives simple support and fix

The dumper type release door permits the smooth release of mixture from the full width of the blender. Pneumatically worked with a full-width release entryway. Twin shaft mandatory black-top solid blender (the mixing arm is cross organized with variable gridded mixing edge), high mixing effectiveness, and long life. engines with hard-teeth decrease gear, most steadily, and superior. The mixer, mixing cutting edges, and liner plates are largely utilizing the best materials with high hardness and high scraped area execution. The cycloidal pin gear speed reducer has better transmission effectiveness and an easier structure.

  • Low support of burden cells
  • Simple Calibration System
  • Brisk Discharge
  • Ideal black-top with 25-30 sec blending time.
  • Doors with pneumatic control.